Expansion of Trust Board

Last year was the busiest and most successful in the Trust's history as we significantly increased our NCFC shareholding which is held on behalf of our members.

The Trust also negotiated and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Club which formalises our relationship with it and ensures that the views of our members will be heard at Carrow Road via structured and regular meetings with senior Club officials.

At the time of signing we were only the second UK club (after Fulham) to sign an MoU and are now working with Supporters Direct to help other Trust's to go down that route.

This means that our workload has increased and puts enormous pressure on the Board members who are all volunteers (and many are also still working full time). As a result we have decided to increase the number of Board members in line with our constitution. So, if you are a member and would like to get more actively involved, please send your details to info@canariestrust.org along with a brief outline of what you feel you could bring to the table, together with your contact details.

Having already co-opted representatives of Forces2Canaries, Proud Canaries and the Barclay End Norwich on to our Board I am particularly keen to have a member of the disabled community joining us as stadium issues and accessibility are very much part of our remit.

Meetings are held monthly at Carrow Road, but many decisions are made between meetings using various forms of social media and email, so don't worry if you can't always get to formal meetings; what is more important is that you are energetic and committed!

We look forward to hearing from you!