Has City’s promotion paved the way for Twenty’s Plenty?

As a result of their promotion the Canaries’ parachute payment, a reported £24million will instead be shared amongst all top-flight clubs. This equates to £1.2m for each club, and has now created a scenario that could dovetail perfectly with one of the Football Supporters’ Federation’s long term objectives and one which the Canaries Trust back fully.
The Football Supporters’ Federation aims to work with clubs and help make football more affordable for fans – particularly those who follow their club on-the-road. Without away supporters we do not believe football would be the great live event that it is. Travelling fans are key to generating the atmosphere that home fans bounce off and vital to the spectacle that TV loves.
Premier League clubs receive billions in media deals and we firmly believe that away fans play a huge role in that. However, there are many barriers for the away supporter. Travel costs and ticket prices make following your team an expensive business – and away supporters also miss out on season ticket-related discounts and special offers.
One of the FSF’s key campaigns is Twenty’s Plenty for Away Tickets which was launched in 2013 and aims to make football more affordable for travelling fans, preferably by capping tickets at £20. The contribution of away supporters is recognised but home fans do not miss out as they receive the same offer in the return fixture.
According to the FSF’s calculations it would cost £20m to implement Twenty’s Plenty at every single Premier League fixture, an average cost of £1m per club. In the past the FSF have been told that clubs budget in three year cycles, in alignment with the Premier League’s media deals, and therefore they could not account for an unanticipated £1m expenditure.
However, City’s promotion means that every single Premier League club will receive £1.2m that has not been budgeted to spend elsewhere. The FSF wants to encourage every club to use this unexpected windfall to make football more affordable for one of the most loyal, hard-pressed groups in football – the travelling fan.
However, we at the Canaries Trust recognise that that this needs all clubs to buy into the initiative, not just a few, and not just the smaller ones. A lead from the giants of the Premier League would be a good starting point.