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Canaries Trust AGM 2019

On March 14th, the trust held its Annual General Meeting, followed by an evening with Stuart Webber and Dan O’Hagan.

Prior to the entertainment, the formalities took place, with Robin Sainty being unanimously voted to remain as Chairman, and Kathy Blake was backed with a large mandate to succeed Mike Reynolds as Trust Secretary. Mike himself was presented with gifts and a card by the Chairman, with our best wishes, upon his decision to retire from the Canaries Trust board.

Finally, Jackie Thornton, from the Community Sports Foundation, was presented with a cheque, representing the money raised by Robin, Kathy and Mandie’s Boxing Day dip In the North Sea.

The evening with Stuart Webber and Dan O’Hagan was well attended and the feedback we have received has been unanimously positive, with Stuart showing a wonderful sense of humour, whilst detailing the challenges and progress at Norwich City FC. Dan’s knowledge of the wider world of football was also insightful and often amusing and we were honoured that both attended the evening, hosted by ever professional and friendly Michael Bailey.

At the time of writing we can confirm the raffle we held, run expertly by Mal Mortimer and David Harper, raised £199, with a further bucket collection raising more important money for the trust, which all goes towards our aim of making you the 13th largest shareholder of Norwich City FC.

Thank you once again to all who attended and made the evening such a success.

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