Canaries Trust Quarterly Meeting with Norwich City Football Club

10th November 2021

Present: Zoe Ward, Lynnette Hannant, Sam Hall (all NCFC), Robin Sainty, Chris Newby, Gary Field, Kathy Blake, Lorraine Taylor, Andy Polley, Glenn Bate, Laurie Egan, Sarah Greaves (via Zoom),

Fair Game Discussions:

ZW said that her discussion with Fair Game had been good but felt that there was a certain amount of idealism especially concerning payment distribution. The ideas put forward would work OK if everyone was starting out with a blank canvas, but there is 150 years of football history and practice to unpick first. While NCFC were happy to keep a channel open for discussion with Fair Game, they felt that they needed to spend more time understanding the key objectives and digesting the manifesto.

RS said this issue was unlikely to go away as football is in a mess right now.

Feedback on Supporters Reporting Concerns:

ZW welcomed suggestions on new ways to report any kind of abuse to the club. RS suggested GB could help as part of his secret shopper work. GB said he thought that the stewards needed briefing better. There had been an incident at the Watford game when one person was swearing, shouting and taunting and that the stewards had been slow to react.

RS enquired if there had been any developments regarding the homophobic abuse reported at the Brighton game. SH said it was still under investigation.

ZW said it made a difference if abuse was reported at the time as it was easier to deal with rather than after the event when it is more difficult to identify perpetrators. A text system was still in place but not many of the Trust board realised which suggests that it is not publicised enough. GB suggested putting the number up in catering areas. KB suggested putting it on the back of stewards Hi-Viz jackets. ZW said not only would this help reporting but might make perpetrators think twice.