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Chairmans Statement - #StayAway #ApartButTogether

I am sure that by now most fans will be well aware of the fact that the Premier League has made it very clear that severe penalties will be imposed on clubs whose fans congregate at or near grounds when matches are taking place.

These penalties include heavy fines and points deductions which could have very serious ramifications for Norwich City.

The Club itself, using the hashtag #ApartbutTogether and the Trust, using the hashtag #StayAway have tried to ensure that this message is disseminated as widely as possible on social media, but we are well aware that this will not ensure it is seen by everyone and hence we are sending this statement to both radio and print media outlets to try to ensure that it reaches all parts of the fanbase.

It will be both strange and frustrating to know that the team that we support are playing crucial games so close to us but behind closed doors, but the most effective support that we can offer is to stay well away from the ground to ensure that Daniel Farke’s “little miracle” isn’t torpedoed by the deduction of crucial points, or the sterling budgetary work of the Executive Committee undermined by financial penalties.

We understand and share everyone’s frustration but hope that common sense will prevail and hopefully it will not be too long before we can all be together again at Carrow Road.

Robin Sainty


The Canaries Trust

15 June 2020

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