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Meeting with Club on 30th January

As part of our ongoing engagement with the Club Robin Sainty and Glenn Bate met with Ben Kensell. While inevitably some aspects of the meeting have to remain confidential we can report on the following.

One of the main issues discussed was safe standing which the Club is keen to take a prominent position on, in order to build on the meeting with Tracey Crouch last year. As the only club to obtain a face to face meeting with her, City are very much in the forefront on this issue and wish to continue in that position with a meeting with the new Sports Minister under discussion. We had a useful discussion about how to ensure that the needs of all fans can be satisfied should the legislation change. Clearly this will be a complex issue and therefore fan input is vital.

In that context we discussed the possibility of fan groups having more direct input into the local Safety Advisory Group and will await developments on that front.

We also discussed the guests for our annual AGM which is on 14th March and we hope to announce these soon.

Finally we discussed ways in which the overall fan experience can be improved, and we expect to see progress on that front in the coming weeks

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