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Meeting with Club on issues relating to ground safety and the Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

Present: Ben Kensell, Andy Batley, Glenn Bate, Kathy Blake.

1.  Recent SAG meeting had been short. It was too soon to discuss closure on last season and too soon to discuss next season.

2.  A safety inspection had been carried out at Carrow Rd. Three areas were examined and given scores between 0 and 1.0. This is an excellent score.

3.  Physical – despite Carrow Rd being an old stadium and the fact improvements are need it was scored 1.0. An annual survey by engineers had been satisfactory and there was no reduction in capacity needed.

4.  Management – all stewards training was up to date. Again 1.0

5.  Medical- Last year’s data can’t be shared as people’s medical history is private. Records limited to what, where and when, not who. The FL require that there are 21 First Aiders at home games including one fixed ambulance behind the Barclay which doesn’t move except in extenuating circumstances.

6.  The stadium is fully equipped with medical equipment. A fully trained nurse is present and minor surgery like stitching can be carried out at the groundBritish Red Cross was replaced with St Johns Ambulance at the start of last season and SJA will continue for the coming season. There are 5 defibrillators situated at the ground and 5 extra on match days. All of those who have had heart attacks at the ground have survived. Carrow Rd is the best place in Norfolk to have a heart attack!  Again 1.0.

7.  Au audit by Health and Safety had been carried out at the home match with Blackburn. Unfortunately, that was the game when a smoke grenade had been set off.  Nevertheless, the club passed because of the way that they handled the situation.

8.  Persistent standing is never going to go away although rail seats may be the answer. BK pointed out this was expensive with no tangible reward and who pays? Nobody is allowed to congregate around aisles.  BK and AB travelling to Wolves to observe their rail seats and to discuss implementation problems.

9.  Electrics- All electrical equipment had been tested. Health and Safety only required two stands at a time doing but NCFC had done the whole lot. Moving forward, one would be done each year.

10.  Steward training started with just basics like ‘Mr Carrow’ and fire alarms. After 4 games this is increased to NVQ level 2. The soft start is because there is a considerable drop off at the beginning so it would be a waste. Training is assessed by an external board and qualifications can be used at other clubs.

11.  Simulations are carried out in two ways: Table top and at a genuine game.

12.  Evacuation of the stadium- Should take 8 minutes. Assessing how quickly the stadium empties after a game is a good indication, but last season people weren’t keen to leave because of the success/Farke wave etc.

13.  Preseason work – Gunn Club not quite finished yet

14.  VAR work still not completed. Where a decision is overturned a 5 second clip will be shown on the big screen with no sound. It will be trialled  at the Atalanta friendly.

After the meeting had concluded AB expressed interest in attending a Trust committee meeting. KB informed him of forthcoming dates.

He also said he was happy to share things like safety certificates with the Trust as long as we could ensure they wouldn’t end up on social media.

He also said it may be possible for GB to attend a debrief meeting following the next SAG meeting in September.

All of these things are dependent on confidentiality being maintained by the Trust.

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