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Minutes of the Trust's meeting with Ben Kensell - July 7th 16:00hrs

1. Present/apologies:

Ben Kensell, Lynnette Hannant, Robin Sainty, Mandie Thorpe, Gary Field, Andy Polley, Kathy Blake, Glenn Bate

Before the meeting RS reported that as from this morning Kris Gunns had re-joined the board, particularly the Health and Safety team where he would have special responsibility for mental health issues. RS gave BK and LH a brief introduction about KG and his specific skills.

2. Supporters’ return to Carrow Rd including paper by MT:

MT briefly outlined her paper to BK and LH. BK had been in a premier league meeting earlier where restarting both the Premier League and the EFL had been discussed. There were lots of hoops to jump through to ensure that a safe return for supporters back into the stadium is a reality and we are not likely to have the definitive answer soon. However a restart would probably involve test events and NCFC need and want fans back into the stadium as soon as its safe to do so. As the players would need a Pre season break the test events were likely to be the first official games. There is talk of a ‘phased return’ but NCFC and other clubs with high fill rates are questioning how this can be fairly executed with season tickets being 20,000 plus in a 27,000 seater stadium. He hoped he could rely on the Trust for supportive messaging and backing during the difficult coming months.

Supporters who missed these early games would have two options:

· Discount on their account for next seasons ST’s launched in Jan.

· Cash rebate at the end of the season (may)

The club had suffered a loss of £10 million plus already.

BK was planning a media event at the end of July to answer questions about finance, furloughing and the future along with information around rebates and season ticket numbers etc. Stuart Webber would do a similar thing with the football side (The Trust involved). MT referred to her paper and said that the problem of shielders needed to be addressed at some point. BK agreed but that was one for the coming weeks as and when more decisions are made regarding return to spectators in stadiums but there may be options around watching online for ST holders who cant attend.

AP said we could help with the publicity for events.

3. AGM/Q&A:

RS told BK the constitutional requirements of the Trust AGM and that we needed to go ahead. It was unrealistic to combine it with a Q&A and this could be separate . While Tim Krul was the ideal guest in March this would no longer be the case and Stuart Webber would be a better choice and could be ideal for the meeting BK had mentioned earlier. BK could be present to answer any financial/commercial/operational and club queries that would arise. AP suggested Michael Bailey as a compere. BK was happy with this.

4. Season ticket/membership scheme/refunds/next seasons payments:

This had already been covered under item 2.

5. Health & Safety – Trust presentation referencing current work (GB):

GB said he hoped to continue his disability survey once crowds had returned to Carrow Rd. He said he would also like to show BK his presentation on findings so far. BK agreed and suggested early August.

BK said that as some sponsorship deals had ended (included Aviva) things like ‘Match Day Buddies’ would discontinue but we are looking at a way of running it if we can as its important and the right thing to do.

GB said the Trust’s Project Restart work had been sent to Andy Batley and Greg Pullinger. BK said he would like to see it too. The work was not complete as GB and KB had not been able to access the main stand and Barclay on the day as TV companies were working there prior to the Brighton game.

GB offered the club Trust personnel t help with spectators queries once restart had begun

6. MM&C:

AP said he hoped for a better visibility of the Trust within the club. Although we know BK, LH, SG, AB and GP, not many other staff were aware of the Trust. BK said he would get it added to the internal club newsletter.

AP said timing and poor communication on both sides had led to the Trust and the Club issuing different strap lines.

AP said post lockdown it would be good for the club and the Trust to host a joint event. BK agreed.

BK said the Trust could make use of the club ambassadors who had been retained.

AP asked if the Trust could have access to the club database without the actual data, i.e. shape and statistics. BK thought this a good idea.

AP asked if we could use the Club Shop for things like flyers. BK was fine with this.

7. Sponsorship:

KB asked about shirt sponsorship on behalf of CC. The Dafabet sponsorship is continuing. There was an agreement re relegation up front and it’s a record breaking amount for this cub in the Championship which is pleasing although BK did say that betting will always be deemed rightly controversial as a choice.

8. AOB:

MT said she hoped that support for the Foodbank would continue once some sort of normality had been restored and that we could organise another collection day at a match. The Foodbank had played an important part during lockdown. BK said that the club would support this.

BK said that the club would be aiming for promotion and not just the top six and that whilst there will be rightly a review over the coming weeks its important for everyone to move forward positively to ensure we give ourselves the best possibility of bouncing back.

9. Date of next meeting:

The next meeting would be in October date to be agreed with Lynette.

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