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Norwich Sleep Out

The Norwich Sleep Out is the biggest fundraising event of the year for The Benjamin Foundation, which helps the homeless and vulnerable, and is an organisation that we at the Trust have huge respect for. It’s their 4th year of holding it and we are delighted that Carrow Road will be the venue, specifically the main car park behind the South Stand. It has even been rumoured that a certain Grant Holt may be taking part too.

The Foundation are hoping that many Norwich City fans will want to take part to help raise money to support their work locally. In total they currently have over 100 vulnerable young adults living with them, and the home and support they provide them helps ensure those young people don’t end up homeless and on the streets. Its a fantastic cause, and quite an adventure to sleep outdoors for a night with lots of friends, but the money raised can do so much good, so we hope that some of our members will support the initiative.

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