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Offside Trust at the Canaries Trust AGM

We were delighted to welcome members from the Offside Trust to our recent AGM.

In November 2016, British football was rocked by a series of high-profile revelations regarding child sexual abuse. Several former professional players bravely waived their right to anonymity to speak out about their past abuse.

A number of the players involved decided to set up The Offside Trust, an organisation committed to supporting survivors and working to make sport safer for children. The Trust is led by ex- footballer Steve Walters and former professional golfer Chris Unsworth, whose stories have inspired hundreds of people to speak out for the first time about their abuse.

We are proud to work with and support fellow survivors. In addition to Steve and Chris, the

Offside Trust family includes the amazing ambassadors and several others who wish to remain anonymous.

We wish to thank them for taking the time to visit our AGM and further information can be found by visiting:

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