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Our Football Club

A joint statement from Barclay End Norwich, Canaries Trust, Talk Norwich City, Zimbabwe Canaries & Along Come Norwich.

Our football club ‘does different’

Our football club values it’s fans - you are welcome whoever you are.

Our football supports it’s community - it’s younger fans, it’s older fans and it’s fans in need.

Our football club is a beacon of self funding sustainability in an era of billionaire owners.

Our football club makes me proud to be a fan - we even play pretty good football.

Our football club might sell our stars to survive but we find new ones and nurture them to excel.

Our football club does not support or endorse degrading or upsetting images not in keeping with our values as an inclusive, community club.

Our football club should not associate with anyone else who does.

Our football club is special and we should keep it that way.

Our voices matter, our football club deserves better.

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