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Share Purchases - How You Can Help

Last year the Trust made the fans of Norwich City the 14th largest shareholder in the Club and the work we have done since, and are continuing, is aimed at getting you to 13th position as soon as possible. Our work involves negotiating share purchases of various sizes all of which take up a lot of time, and more importantly, money as the Trust is entirely self funding, while also continuing to develop the two way dialogue with the Club that ensures that we can give our members a voice.

We know that we are hated by some fans for whom having a dialogue with the Club is tantamount to supping with the devil, but we know that there are many more who support what we are trying to do even if they are not members and once again we would appeal for any help that you can give us, either by joining the Trust via our website ( for just £12 per year or £6 per year for under 18s and full time students, or by having a go at competitions like Canary Challenge where £3 could win you up to £250 or our monthly 100 Club which costs £5 per month and pays out two large cash prizes each month. Details of both are on the website.

You might also like to donate ( or sell) shares to us if you hold more than the one necessary to give you access to the Club AGM, but if you feel that you have the energy to contribute more actively then why not join the Trust board where you can have a direct role in shaping policy?If that interests you then email us at

Thanks for reading this and we hope to hear from you!

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