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Trust View on New NCFC Membership Scheme 2020/21

A clear improvement from the current scheme with significant effort from the Club to make the scheme as equitable as possible, whilst making it generally less expensive. However to achieve this, it forces the creation of a relatively complex model that is offset somewhat by the fact that much of the ‘thinking’ is done for you as a fan/customer. The ‘system’ will inform you of your ranking, what you are entitled to, what your benefits are, what to do and when to do it!

To the Club’s credit, they recognise that they could have done better in terms of the design and launch of the current scheme, especially in terms of consultation. Since September, they have genuinely placed emphasis on ‘getting it right’ this time around.

Also good to hear when asked, that they have additional resource planned to handle the inevitable peak of demand in queries between launch and the beginning of the new season. Some comfort can also be taken from the fact that all parties should only have to learn how the new, relatively more complex model works once and should then find the core of it will remain in place for several seasons to come, other than the inevitable minor tweaks along the way.

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