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​All potential buyers and sellers are advised to note that the share capital of Norwich City Football Club plc is NOT listed upon, or dealt in, on any authorised stock exchange.
Any investment in an unquoted company, such as the Club, is purely speculative, carries a high degree of risk, which may, in the unfortunate event of default, result in the loss of your capital. The Trust cannot offer advice to potential buyers or sellers in relation to the price of shares in the Football Club - it is for buyers and sellers to agree on a sale price between themselves having regards to all the risks involved with unlisted securities.

The Canaries Trust, with the agreement of the directors of Norwich City Football Club plc, has, for several years now, offered a “matched bargain basis” for potential buyers and sellers, via this website.
Anyone wishing to acquire or dispose of shares in the Football Club can therefore list their interest here.

Upon listing shares for sale, we will email all potential buyers seeking any potential bids.

​The Trust requests a listing fee from potential sellers for use of this service.

If you have any specific share related questions, please email us at

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Shares – Further Guidance.

Norwich City Football Club plc now has four share classifications; Ordinary, A-Preference, B- Preference, and C-Preference shares, as detailed below. There are important differences in these share classifications, especially in relation to their respective potential pricing values.

Ordinary shares.
The Club has allotted a total of 811,925 Ordinary shares. Michael Wynn Jones and Delia Smith hold 40.4% of all Ordinary shares, with Mark Attanasio (principal of a group of investors) also holding 40.4% of the Club’s Ordinary shares.
Ordinary shareholders have the right to attend and vote at AGM’s, to receive dividends (in theory, although, in practice, the Club does not declare dividends on Ordinary shares). They are also entitled to their share of the residual economic value of the company should the business unwind; however, they are last in line after preferred shareholders for receiving business proceeds. Ordinary shareholders are considered unsecured creditors.

Preference shares.
There are three preference share classifications; A-Preference, B-Preference and C-Preference shares. The distinction between the three is important, in terms of annual dividend accruals, redemption rights and, critically, price.

A-Preference shares. 
There are 9,675 A-Preference shares, with a 5,25% annual preference dividend, but, critically, there are no rights of redemption.

B-Preference shares. 
There are currently 14,052 B-Preference shares, with a 4.5% annual preference dividend, contain limited redemption rights, but only in the January of the year following the Club’s promotion to the Premier League, or retention of Premier League status.
To redeem B-Preference shares in the following January, B-Preference shareholders must service notice on the Club’s Company Secretary on, or before, the 1st October. 

C-Preference shares.

In September 2022 the Club allotted 10,000,000 C-Preference shares, with a 7.0% annual preference shares, which carry a right of redemption in 2029, or upon certain Trigger Events happening beforehand. The holders of the C-Preference shares also carry a right (but not an obligation) to convert its C-Preference shares into Ordinary shares, equal to ten per cent (10%) of all the issued and outstanding Ordinary shares on a fully diluted basis.
In the event of the company entering into bankruptcy, the preference shareholders will be paid from company assets first. Preference stock shareholders can attend AGM’s but do not hold any voting rights.

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