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"The Roll of Honour was set up to directly acknowledge all of those who are Life Members of The Canaries Trust, and to acknowledge those recognised by the Trust in making an exceptional contribution. You can opt out HERE.

William Bartholdt
Daniel Bayfield
Kathy Blake
Sean Bremner
Mervyn Butler
Chris Callow
Dev Chakravarty
Leighton Chipperfield
Jay Chittooran
Martyn Cockram
Eric Colburn
Katherine Collins
Terrance Connolly
Andrew Cordle
Alexander Crowther
Stephen Daniels
Allan Davison
Simon Delf
Dylan Dixon
Laurence Egan
Daniel Everitt
Christine Fenton
Shea Fiddes
Marc Foster
Justin Fowle
Nicholas Francis
John Gage
Dean Garrod
WillIam Goreham
John Grayling
Mark Grayling
Christopher Gunderman
Paul Halliwell
Paul Hanworth
Paul Harper
Mark Heidenstam
Alasdair Higgins
Kenneth Hubbard
Steven Huckle
Geoffrey Ingold
John Richard Jones
Edward Lake
Henry Lamb
Paul Langshaw
Stewart Lewis
Edward Lister
Connor Marino
Stuart Marpole
Hunter Martin
Mary McGivern
Matthew McGregor
Nigel Mears
Nicholas Metler
Allan Monument
Chris Morgan
Malcolm Mortimer
Glenn Murrell
Andrew Parnell
Stefan Pchalek
Andrew Polley
Richard Price
James Rennie
Andrew Reynolds
Keith Roads
Paul Rogers
Robin Sainty
Sam Sansom
Deb Sheppard
Dean Simmer
James Spurling
Alistair Steward
Mandie Thorpe
Trish Thorpe
Paul Turner
Peter Whitlam
Bob Wicks
Andrew Willcox
John Woodhouse
Roger Yaxley
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