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Donating your NCFC shares to the Canaries Trust 


If you would like to support the Canaries Trust by donating some or all of the Norwich City Football Club Ltd shares you own to the Trust, this will involve transferring your shareholding to the Canaries Trust there is a simple process to follow.


First, please contact the Canaries Trust on and we will send you a share transfer form, which you will need to fill in and send to Norwich City Football Club with the required information and documents.


Important: If you want to continue to receive an Annual Report and invitation to the club's AGM please retain at least one share.


When the transfer has been completed we will confirm this with you.


Leaving the Canaries Trust your NCFC shares in your will


It may be that you would like to support the Trust by leaving the Norwich City Football Club Ltd shares you own to the Canaries Trust. To ensure we benefit please instruct whoever is drawing up your will to advise on the most appropriate wording which could be along the following lines:


‘I instruct my executors to give the Canaries Trust, the shares in Norwich City Football Club LtdI own by arranging the transfer of title of the shares to the Canaries Trust. A receipt signed by the Canaries Trust Treasurer shall satisfy the discharge of this donation to my executors’


If you would like to discuss a legacy to the Canaries Trust then please contact us on and we will get back to you.

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