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Canaries Trust Statement - BK8

The Canaries Trust was shocked to see the Instagram and YouTube pages associated with new club sponsor BK8 (be these rogue, fake or real accounts). These images go against the values of the Club and the mission of the Canaries Trust to ensure all fans are welcome at Carrow Road.

As part of our ongoing mission to help eradicate sexism and sexist behaviour at Norwich City we will be working robustly with the Club to address this serious error which impacts how our Club is perceived, how our female fans are valued and how our younger fans may now inadvertently see images none of them should see, let alone associated with their football club.

The Trust’s recent work shows many female fans still experience sexism at football games and football clubs associating with companies which perpetuate these outdated views of women in sport ensures these issues endure for new generations.

We firmly believe that sexism in football must stop and we will be doubling our efforts to make NCFC listen to the fans and shareholders, ensuring that the necessary changes required are followed through.

This is not acceptable.

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