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Since it’s inception in August 2017 the Trust has had a representative on the clubs atmosphere working group along with members of Barclay End Norwich, Forces 2 Canaries, Proud Canaries and fans from all 4 stands at Carrow Road.

The initial idea for this group was to see how we could improve the atmosphere during games at Carrow Road as fans groups and fans in general felt the atmosphere had become really poor at Carrow Road and what we as fans and the club itself could do to make it better.

We have talked through loads of ideas and thoughts and have trailed some of these including:

  • Changing Goal Music


  • Flags or Banners


  • How On the Ball City is introduced and seen on the Video Screen


  • The volume of the music pre-match and the play list used


These are just some of the examples of ideas we have come up with collectively and we have seen a massive improvement in the atmosphere at Carrow Road this season as a result of the work we have done.

The club intend to hold more meetings as we go into an important season next season and if any trust members have any ideas for how we could improve the atmosphere at Carrow Road please feel free to get in touch at:

@chrisclarke1986 via Twitter

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