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Introducing The Italian Canaries!

We are all missing football and Carrow Road, and it’s worth remembering that last Saturday would have been Global Canaries Day. Coincidentally, the Trust recently heard from the newly formed Italian Canaries, some of whom work right on the front line in Italian Healthcare, right in the epicentre of the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy. Football and their particular passion for the Canaries has apparently helped keep their spirits high! Roberto Bergonzi, Trust member writes....

‘Hello, My name is Roberto, I am one of the founders of the "Anziani di Razza', (Oldies, but still Cool!) a group of Italian Norwich City fans based in Italy! Our club was born in January 2019. We are first of all, a group of dads. We met when our children started playing local football together. Given our passion for football, we decided to start playing too and we are in a team for over 40’s. Our children’s team play in yellow and green and so inspired by them, we chose to represent your big one team (NCFC) in our competitions!

Since then, we have also enthusiastically followed your time in the Championship. Then, to celebrate the promotion to the Premier League, we stayed in Madrid for the ULC final, wearing proudly yours and our colours. Liverpool and Tottenham fans welcomed us with great enthusiasm in their fan zones.

We have suffered and rejoiced with you during the Championship. After the victory against Manchester City, Sky Sports Italia also spoke to the Italian Canaries. Two months ago, we started to check flights to finally organise a trip to Norwich, to watch a game with as many supporters as possible.

Then.... the terrible and invisible enemy called Covid-19 arrived. I forgot (to mention), we live and work in Bergamo, the Italian city most affected by this terrible disease. Me and another 'Canary' are doctors, we have been experiencing very difficult times for 40 plus days. We are afraid for us and for dear ones, many men have died. The other Canaries are closed in the house but they too are very worried. Our children take lessons online, they cannot see each other and play alone. In Italy the situation is serious; they have prohibited all outdoor sports activities, too (you have to stay within 200 metres of your home).

However, let us try to keep the spirits high! We train at home with our children. And not to forget the video call beers at least twice a week!

Now we are afraid for you too. Here it is (getting) better, people understood that staying at home is the only truly effective therapy. Now, fewer people arrive in the hospital. When everything is finished, the first thing we will do is resume the organisation for the trip with destination Carrow Road. A beer with all of you is what it takes! The second, will be to challenge our historic enemies, the team of local pharmacists (which I think support Ipswich Town!! ).

Hoping to see you all soon, I send a greeting from all the Italian Norwich fans. OTBC!

PS... If you would like to see photos of our gatherings, especially the Madrid mission, look for ncfc_anziani_di_razza on Instagram. ....and I remind you that every Thursday evening in Bergamo there is a group of "Not so young people"! Play football wearing your colours with honour!”

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