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As a supporters’ trust, our primary focus should always be on off-the-field matters, but we seem to have reached the stage where apparent inaction off the pitch seems to be having an impact right across the Club, and its supporter base.

We also have a duty as a democratic organisation to respond to the wishes of our members to make their feelings known to those in control of the Club.

Currently, there seems to be a state of inertia whilst we all await the arrival of Ben Knapper on the 27 November, still two games away, which is helping no one.

The completion of the legal process with Mark Attanasio seems to finally be approaching a conclusion, but, from an outside perspective there’s no overall sense of leadership, or direction, and supporters are desperate for some sense of a vision that we can all buy into and move forward together.

It's sad to say that many supporters now feel completely disconnected from the club we all support, and many are turning up to games out of a sense of duty, rather than a compelling desire to attend matches. Apathy is widespread and some are questioning whether they want to continue attending games despite having done so for decades in some cases.

Something has to change, but the supporters can’t bring that change about: it must come from within the Club and we trust that the current silence will be broken before the situation deteriorates further.

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